Wedding photographer Corsica – Honeymoon Session ENGAGEMENT I covered the wedding of Aurelie & Florian and we had a really great connexion. Aurélie is a photographer herself and naturally images are of a big importance to her. One day she called me... Couple Session Wedding in Reims ENGAGEMENT Charlotte & Marian asked me to photograph them in their wedding attire after their wedding for a couple session in Reims. We went to the Domaine du Chalet that they also chose for the... Wedding Photography in Epernay at Chateau Comtesse Lafond WEDDING After meeting at the university and a proposal on the Tokyo Ferris wheel, Mathilde and Julien decided to get married! At their wedding in Epernay, we were able to enjoy the beautiful place that is... Grace, an ode to timeless feminity for today’s romantic bride WEDDING   En voir plus sur Amber&Muse / Hochzeitsguide Wonderful Proposal in Reims at Taittinger Champagne ENGAGEMENT   As a wedding photographer in Reims, I do photograph weddings but also engagement and proposal. I love the rush of photographing a proposal ! When Parker reached out to me to ask me to ph... Romantic Engagement Session in Montmartre, Paris ENGAGEMENT Béatrice & Nelson   See more of this cute couple on French Wedding Style ! Intimate Wedding at Chateau du Faucon, France WEDDING     Couple Session in Reims ENGAGEMENT     Holy Bridal Inspiration WEDDING Holy is an editorial that wants to stage a very simple and elegant bride. "Holy is an ode to timeless femininity with subtle details for a playful, graceful and delicate bride." To quote... Wedding photographer in Charleville-Mezieres WEDDING