I work with couples that want an intimate luminous and timeless wedding photography.

The Fine-Art approach that I like and the use of a warm and pastel color palette allows me to create memories for you that will reflect the emotion, passion and elegance of your wedding day. I like to work with natural light as much as possible so that your wedding images looks like what your remember.

My style is very discreet & I concentrate on intimate candid moments so that the story I am capturing will move you again for years to come. I mix relaxed candid images with artistic & elegant couple portraiture to tell the unique story that is your wedding day.

During your session, I will guide you and capture your emotions rather than your actions. Most of my clients tell me that they did not feel like they were being photographed and that the session was like having a good time with a friend.

My Fine-Art approach allows me to capture color nuances and to have images with an unmatchable aesthetics.

My images tell the story of every person that has been before my lens. Men and women that were all unique, different and beautiful in their own way.

Let's tell your love story together !

And create the memories of the most beautiful day of your life...