I covered the wedding of Aurelie & Florian and we had a really great connexion. Aurélie is a photographer herself and naturally images are of a big importance to her. One day she called me with this crazy idea to bring me and a makeup artist with them to Corsica for their honeymoon to have a beautiful session there. I was thrilled with the idea !

We spent a couple of days together in the Torra di Turghja in Corsica. This is a very beautiful location and the owner was just amazing with us ! Corsica is a magnificent place for a session or an elopement. As a wedding photographer corsica I loved the look and the feel of the whole island.

Here are some words from the couple :

“Florian comes from Reims and I come from Thionville in France. We were far from meeting each other. And it was finally at a wedding that we got to know each other. And we did not let go.
Except that 2 months later, I moved to Liege in Belgium for my studies.  We decided to build and live our history in secret in my pretty student apartment in Liège, Belgium. So much memories !

At Christmas time, we decided to announce to all : our relationship. Florian has invited a certain « Julie ». What a surprise when finally, they discovered that this mysterious woman was me! And our story has been nothing but surprises, from this Christmas and until now.

Our wedding

A few years later, and approaching my 30 years, the desire to organize a party was strong. And when I discovered that March 31, 2018 was a Saturday, we decided to organize a surprise wedding! It took us almost 3 years to organize this secret event. The guests learned 15 minutes before the ceremony on a large place in Reims 100m from the town hall that they were going to attend our wedding. The tone was given, we wanted to break all the codes.

We got married in jeans for him, denim shirt for me. No wedding ring but tattoos, no catering at the table but a food truck, no flowers but only candles, garlands lights, no classic cocktail but a wine and cheese bar, in short a wedding in our image!

Our honeymoon session in corsica took place 1 year after our wedding. For the destination, we were looking for beaches, beautiful landscapes and had no specific ideas. We had discovered the Torra di Turghja in Corsica quite by chance and we fell in love with the spirit of this Genoese tower. No matter who you ask, you will be told that Corsica is pretty. Our choice was made, it will be the island of beauty. And we took our wedding photographer corsica with us ! Romain did not hesitate to follow us to capture those beautiful moments! « 


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