After meeting at the university and a proposal on the Tokyo Ferris wheel, Mathilde and Julien decided to get married! At their wedding in Epernay, we were able to enjoy the beautiful place that is the Castle of Comtesse Lafond in Epernay.

They wanted a wedding in their image, chic and elegant. As a wedding photographer Epernay, it’s very important that your wedding looks like you. These two lovers managed to organize a wedding that matched their personality with many personal touches recalling their journey including table names that recalled the marriage proposal in Japan. Their wedding was a mix of tradition and modernity and it was a pleasure to be with them and photograph their wedding day during this magical moment.

For our wedding couple of the day, wedding photography was really an important point. They wanted images that were bright, sweet and full of emotion. So I followed them all day and could experience everything by their side this day and capture the essence of their relationship and connection. Having me as a wedding photographer with them from the start, we were able to create a relationship of trust that allowed me to shoot really great moments.

Their wedding in Epernay was truly a success and they took full advantage of their beautiful day and were able to relive their wedding day thanks to the images that I was able to capture as a wedding photographer. It was very important to them! Photographing the emotions and love of a couple on one of the most important days for them is much more than my job as a wedding photographer. It’s a real passion for me and I love to spend these moments with my brides and grooms every week.


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